uberge is a true Windows program. This user-friendly operating system makes Auberge easy to learn and use.

The heart of Auberge is a well-designed graphical calendar displaying room availability. You can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly format for the room calendar. You can instantly see which rooms are available, reserved (confirmed or unconfirmed), or occupied.


It’s simple to start a reservation - just click on the date your guest has requested. A series of pop-up screens will help you collect all the necessary information. You can easily move through room availability, room descriptions, guest room preferences, and guest information. Information for a repeat guest is automatically entered once the guest is selected from the previous customer list. The on-line room descriptions will help you meet guests’ needs and maximize your return on investment for amenities.


You can create and print confirmation letters at the touch of a button. Auberge also provides mail-merge capabilities to allow effective marketing of previous guests. You can create as many marketing letters as you need and recall them at any time. All letters will be customized to include your inn’s particulars, as well as appropriate guest information.


Auberge automatically creates invoices to ensure accurate and complete billing. You will breeze through the generation of meal and room tax summaries, daily housekeeping reports, and room occupancy reports.


  • Auberge is easy to install and setup so you can immediately benefit from the powerful features.
  • Graphical reservation calendar highlights status of all rooms for given dates. You can specify daily, weekly, or monthly format.
  • Rooms can be identified by name or number or both.
  • Auberge automatically prevents double-bookings.
  • Copy and paste reservations for quick bookings and room splits.
  • Reservation information is entered logically yet flexibly.
  • Room or guest details are available at the click of a button.
  • Information for a repeat guest is automatically entered once the guest is selected from the previous customer list. Past room preferences and special interests are instantly available.
  • Confirmation letters, room invoices, housekeeping and occupancy reports, as well as tax summaries are automatically generated.
  • Seasonal rates define room rates based on time periods, midweek vs weekend, and discounts.
  • Commissions due to travel agents are tracked automatically.

Auberge is unique because it works the way you work. The intuitive Windows interface automates and improves reservations and guest management without frustration or confusion.

Auberge will be a valuable tool if you want to use today’s technology to book and manage reservations, generate invoices and reports, and encourage guests to return. Using Auberge to keep track of these details will free you to concentrate on personalizing service for your guests.

The Windows environment makes Auberge an excellent choice if you are new to computers, but the package is powerful enough to meet the ongoing needs of most establishments.

If you want to see how Auberge can help manage your reservations and invoices, and improve your guest satisfaction and return rate, please call and request a free fully-functional demonstration disk. You can customize the demo program for your inn, and see what a productive tool it is. All your data will be preserved, if you then decide to purchase the program.

We offer free technical support for 60 days after purchase

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