he main screen is a graphical calendar displaying rooms, dates and reservations. You can choose a daily, weekly or monthly view.

There are three easy steps to adding a reservation. While adding a reservation, you can conveniently select a guest from the guest list or add a new guest. When in the guest screens, you can modify all related guest information including guest interests. When you are done, you will automatically return to the reservation you are adding.

With the click of a button, you can view the guest's history to see what rooms, rates and dates (s)he has occupied. Guest comments are automatically displayed to let you know if there are any special considerations for that guest.

To add a reservation click on the intersection of the room and date you want to reserve or from the menu Choose Reservation/Add New.

Creating a reservation is then a simple three step process.

Step 1

Select the guest from the guest list or enter a new guest. Verify with the guest, the address information and update it instantly if it has changed. Change the arrival date or number of nights and the departure date is automatically calculated. Enter the number of guests for housekeeping and for meals.

Step 2

The room rate and meals are automatically filled in based on the information entered at setup time. The rate is based on the room selected, the season, package rate or midweek and weekend rates. Select from a list of custom discounts and choose the custom referral source.

You can change the rate, meals amount or season. The total price including tax is automatically calculated.

Step 3

You can confirm the reservation at this time by entering a cash/check deposit or credit card information. If the guest is a repeat guest and confirm by credit card is selected, the credit card information for that guest is automatically filled in. If you do not confirm, the reservation will have a tentative status.

Enter any special instructions for this reservation.

When the reservation is complete, it will show on the calendar and prevent double-bookings for the same room and dates. The guest's initials are displayed in the reservation bar. By moving the cursor over the reservation, the full guest's name appears.

To change the reservation, simply click on the reservation bar. The reservation manager displays reservation information which can be changed, the guest information and the related invoice. From here, confirm the reservation, send a confirmation letter, check the guest in or out, update the invoice or the let the system update it for you automatically.

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